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Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY


Travel eTA Canada

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Travel eTA Canada 4211 Yonge Street suite 303 Toronto, Ontorio Canada M2P 2A9 Website: https://www.traveleta.ca Company Phone: + 1 416 488 5448 Contact Name: Joanne Sam Smith Email: sam@ READ MORE

Ensemble Travel® Group

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Ensemble Travel® Group 256 West 38th Street, 11th Floor New York, NY 10018 (212) 545-7460 READ MORE


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BACC TRAVEL 16 West 46th Street (between 5th & 6th Ave) New York, NY 10036-4503 info@bacctravel.com - OR call our OFFICE at: 1-800-BACC RIO (1-800-222-2746) or (212) 730-1010 READ MORE

OnBoard Tours

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OnBoard Tours 1650 Broadway, Suite 608 New York, NY 10019 Tour Pick-Up: 7th Ave & W 53rd St New York, NY 10019 nyc@onboardtours.com 212-852-4821 READ MORE

Danny Travel Inc.

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Danny Travel Inc. 310 E 46th St. Suite 6W New York, NY 10017 Phone: (212) 557 1009 Toll Free: (800) 565 8553 Fax: (866) 267 7244 E Mail: info@dannytravel.com READ MORE

L & L Travel

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L & L Travel 87 Bowery Suite 301 New York, NY ZIP:10002 Phone: 1-212-226-6628 ( 7am-7pm 7days a week Eastern Time ) Email: service@lltours.com READ MORE

Copos Blancos Travel Corp

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Copos Blancos Travel Corp 1541 St Nicholas Ave New York, N.Y. 10001 Telephone: 1 212 928 0844 E-mail: Service@CoposBlancos.com Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

Valerie Wilson Travel

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Valerie Wilson Travel 475 Park Avenue South New York, New York 10016 Telephone: 212-532-3400 800-776-1116 Fax: 212-779-7073 Email: info@vwti.com Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE


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ALTOUR New York (Global HQ) 1270 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 1-800-425-8687 [1-800-4-ALTOUR] icon contactus@altour.com Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

World Trade Travel

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World Trade Travel New York, NY (212) 889-8025 1-800-654-1386 info@yeswtt.com Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

Easy Escapes Travel

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Easy Escapes Travel New York, NY (212) 201-1611 info@easyescapestravel.com Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE


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RNG 224 West 30th Street, suite 701, New York, NY, 10001 Phone (877) 221-7120 (646) 473-2233/34 Fax (646) 473-2205 E-Mail info@rnto.org Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

Travel Land International

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Travel Land International 45w 34th street, Suite #311, New York, NY 10001 (212) 244-0700 Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

STA Travel, Inc.

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STA Travel, Inc. 30 Third Ave. New York, NY 10003 Phone: 212-473-6100 Fax: 212-473-4998 Email: evg@statravel.com Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE


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SCHWARTZ TRAVEL & STORAGE 355 w 36th St. New York, NY BY E-MAIL info@schwartztravel.com MANAGER CELL 845-629-0713 Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

Pisa Brothers Travel

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Pisa Brothers Travel 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1603 New York, NY 10170 (212) 265-8420 800-729-7472 Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

L & L Travel Enterprises, Inc.

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L & L Travel Enterprises, Inc. 87 Bowery(Chinatown) New York, NY 10013 Phone: 1-888-926-9379 (US & Canada) 1-212-334-4222 (International) ( 7am-7pm 7days a week Eastern Time ) Fax: 1-212-334- READ MORE

The Frenchway Travel

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The Frenchway Travel 11 west 25th street New York, NY 10010 T + 212 243 3500 F + 212 243 3535 yael@frenchwaytravel.com Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

Happy Vacations

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Happy Vacations 114 Bowery Street, 3rd Floor New York, New York 10013 United States of America Telephone: 212-965-8688 Fax: 212-965-8606 Travel Agents in Manhattan, NY READ MORE

Classic Travel Service

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Classictravel.com by Classic Travel Service, Inc 275 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10016 Our phone numbers: General: 212.843.2900 Toll-free: 888.212.6444 Classic Travel Service is a lu READ MORE

Marco Polo Cruises New York Skyports

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Marco Polo Cruises New York Skyports East 23rd Street & FDR Drive New York NY 10010 212-571-3304 - WELCOME TO OPEN TO THE PUBLIC CRUISES NEW YORK CITY STYLE READ MORE

Worldwide Travel Services Inc.

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Worldwide Travel Services Inc. 1170 Broadway, Suite 200 New York, NY 10001, USA. Tel: 1-877-WORLD61 (967-5361 1-212-779-8000 Fax: 1-212-683-3925 email: reservation@worldwide-travel.info Wel READ MORE

United Pacific Travel and Tours

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United Pacific Travel and Tours 11 East Broadway, 7B New York, N.Y. 10038 Tel: (212) 240-0401 Fax: (212) 571-2672 Email: Upt@att.net READ MORE

Ultramar Travel Management

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Ultramar Travel Management 14 East 47 Street, 5th Floor New York, NY 10017-1905 Phone: 888.856.2929 Fax: 212.856.0129 About Ultramar Travel Management Travel is inherently unpredictable READ MORE

Turon Travel

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Turon Travel 2 Wooster Street New York, NY 10013 Tel: (212) 925-5453 Toll-free: (800) 952-7646 Fax: (212) 219-1865 Turon's experience in the travel industry has created many beneficial rel READ MORE

Zena Travel Ltd.

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Zena Travel Ltd. 31 West 34th Street, Suite # 301, New York NY 10001 Tel : 212-714-0922 Fax : 212-594-7039 info@zenatravel.com Great Destinations, Fantastic prices!! Times SquareIf you READ MORE

Travel Dynamics International

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Travel Dynamics International 132 East 70th Street New York, NY 10021 Phone: (800) 257-5767 or (212) 517-7555 (Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST) Fax: 212-774-1560 E-mail: info@traveldynami READ MORE


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T22 TRAVEL INC. 1040 Avenue f the Americas 7th Floor New York City, NY 10018 Telephone: 212-398-1501 Facsimile: 212-398-1349 email: leo@t22travel.com IATA 33570180 ABOUT US READ MORE

Slovenia Travel Inc.

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Slovenia Travel Inc. New York City Phone: 212 - 358-9024 Fax: 212 - 358-9025 E mail: info@sloveniatravel.com About Us Turning Visits into Experiences! Visit "New and Old Europe" with READ MORE


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SINCERE TRAVEL & TOURS, INC. 38 W. 32nd Street, Suite 1105 New York, NY 10001 TOLL: 800-594-5532 (24 hours / 7 days) TEL: 212-594-8822 FAX: 888-602-8930 READ MORE

Seil Travel America

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Seil Travel America, Inc. 145 West 45th Street, Suite 401 New York, NY 10036 Tel :212.889.1141 Fax: 212.889.7965 Our office placed in 1minute's walk from Times Square. Please feel free to READ MORE

RMP Travel

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RMP Travel 355 West 52nd Street, 5th Floor New York, New York 10019 PHONE: (212) 581-8051 | (800) 223-0864 | FAX: (212) 956-8063 Service@rmptvl.com About Us About RMP Trav READ MORE

Prestige Tour and Travel Promotions Inc.

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Prestige Tour and Travel Promotions Inc. 271 Madison Avenue Suite 908 New York NY 10016 Phone: 212-779-8371 Fax: 212-953-1953 about us Prestige Tour and Travel Promotions Inc. was establi READ MORE

Planet Travels and Tours

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Planet Travels and Tours, Inc. 362 5th Ave. Ste. 1203 New York, NY 10001 Phone : 1-212-868-7600 Toll Free : 1-888-990-8500 Fax : 1-212-868-5954 E-Mail : info@planettravelstours.com READ MORE

Picasso Travel

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Picasso Travel 350 Fifth Ave., #816 New York, NY 10118 Tel:(212) 244 - 5454 Fax:(212) 244 - 0747 Welcome! Welcome to Picasso Travel’s Website - your one-stop shop for the best in low con READ MORE

Passion Travel

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Passion Travel 40 Elizabeth Street, #300 New York, New York 10013 Phone Number: 212-219-2288 READ MORE


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PanoramaTravel 12E 33rd St Suite 200 New York, NY 10016, U.S.A. Phone: 212.741.0033 or 800.204.7130 Fax: 212.645.6276 About us Panorama Travel has been in travel service business for READ MORE

Omega World Travel

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Omega World Travel 115 Broadway Suite 1506 New York NY 10006 212-563-3500 800-545-1003 About Omega World Travel Ranked by Business Travel News as the fourth largest travel management compa READ MORE

MPR Travel

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MPR Travel,Inc. Ariana Tours & Travel 1270 Broadway Suite 301 New York, N.Y. 10001 Tel:212 684 2510 Fax:212 684 2511 E-mail info@mprtravel.com Welcome To MPR Travel MPR travel offers yo READ MORE

Focus Travel

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Focus Travel Inc. 211 East 43rd Street Suite 1903 New York, NY 10017 Phone: (212) 972 - 9099 Fax: (212) 557 - 1371 e-mail: info@focustravelusa.com Focus Travel Inc. is a New York READ MORE

Manhattan Travel

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Manhattan Travel Inc. 264 Canal Street, 5Fl. West New York, NY 10013-3529 212-966-2121 / 877-CRUIS88 Manhattan Travel Inc. is a full service travel agency located in Manhattan, New York City. READ MORE

Lois Lane Travel

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Lois Lane Travel Inc 230 5th Ave Lbby 5 New York , NY 10001-7704 (212)243-5277 Welcome to Lois Lane Travel.com! When planning your next trip for business or pleasure, our travel expe READ MORE

Kitty’s Travel Inc.

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Kitty’s Travel Inc. 38 W 32nd St Ste 1209 New York , NY 10001-3878 1-212-594-1416 1-800-801-8448 kitty@kittystravel.com READ MORE

New York City.com

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New York City.com New York, NY 10013 (888) 847-4869 About NYC.com The world's greatest city now has the most connected online community! As everyone who lives here knows, it is the people wh READ MORE

Discover New York

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Discover New York 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1427 New York, NY 10165 212-370-1319 (Tel) 212-370-1463 (Fax) sales@dnykg.com About Us Discover New York is a Destination Management Company a READ MORE

Homeric Tours

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Homeric Tours 55 East 59th Street 17th Fl. New York, NY 10022 ABOUT US GREECE.... Homeric Leads The Way A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT In 2010, Homeric Tours, America’s Number 1 Choice READ MORE

Protravel International

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Protravel International 515 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022 212-755-4550 | 800-227-1059 About Us Founded in 1984, PROTRAVEL INTERNATIONAL INC. is a full service dynamic retail travel com READ MORE


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GITS INC. 45 West 34TH Street, Suite 304 New York, NY 10001 Phone: (212) 594 5472 Fax: (212) 594 5475 Dear Travel Partner, Greetings & Welcome to our Website! We are a full Service Receptiv READ MORE

Fregata Worldwide Travel

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Fregata Worldwide Travel Radio City Station #1730 New York, NY 10101 Tel. +1 (212) 541-5707 Fax. +1 (212) 591-6057 info@fregata-travel.com Fregata Worldwide Travel New York based travel READ MORE

Fox Travel

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Fox Travel 237 First Ave New York, NY 10003 Phone: (212) 598-0205 * (800) 570-8728 * FAX: (212) 598-0184 * Email: foxtravel@att.net Should you need to travel on business or leisure, Fox Tra READ MORE

Far Eastern Travel International

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Far Eastern Travel International 347 5th Ave Suite 1100 New York NY 10016 Tel: (212) 532-8866 Fax: (212) 532-9066 travel@feti.com Welcome to our agency home page. We are eager to answer you READ MORE

Explorient Travel Services

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Explorient Travel Services 75 Maiden Lane Suite 805 New York, NY 10038 Tel: 1-800-785-1233 1-212-785-8100 Fax: 1-212-785-9208 The exotic Orient beckons, with its timeless traditions, m READ MORE

Dirt Cheap Experts Travels & Tours

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Dirt Cheap Experts Travels & Tours Corp. 421 7th Avenue Suite 707 New York, NY 10001 Phone: 212-971-9123 Fax: 212-971-9124 Welcome to Dirt Cheap Experts Travels & Tours Last Minute Flight READ MORE

Bond Street Travel

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Bond Street Travel 119 West 40th Street 14th Floor New York, NY 10018 212 768 0150 service@bondstreettravel.com MISSION STATEMENT To plan trips that are special, unique and extraordinar READ MORE

Bharat Travel and Tourism

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Bharat Travel and Tourism, Inc 45 W34 St, Suite 1011 New York, NY 10001 Phone (212) 889-7511 Fax (212) 889-7525 Email customerservice@bharattravel.net For all your international trave READ MORE

E-Z Tours

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E-Z Tours Inc 1650 Broadway, suite 608 New York, NY 10019 USA tel: (212) 246-2116 or (800) 348-7200 fax: (212) 977-4248 info@E-ZTours.com About E-Z Tours Welcome to E-Z Tours world of READ MORE

Paradise Vacations

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Paradise Vacations Main Office 48 Bowery 2Fl N.Y. N.Y. 10013 Tel:212-385-1688 Fax:212-385-2210 E-Mail: customerservice@eworldtours.com Tour Fee not includes: * Admission, Meals, is op READ MORE

Pinacoteca, LLC

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Pinacoteca, LLC 10 Liberty St. Suite 15D New York, NY 10005 212.747.0025 info@pinacotecanyc.com Travel is an emotional experience. It is a privilege that transcends our humanity, expands ou READ MORE

Cinderella Travel Corp

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Cinderella Travel Corp. 149 Madison Ave., Suite 202 New York, NY, 10016 Tel: (212) 532-1700 Fax:(212) 532-5127 Toll Free: 888.532-1717 contact@cinderellatravel.com Welcome to Cinderella Tr READ MORE

Good Life Protravel

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Good Life Travel 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022 212-702-2666, Outside NY 877-702-2600 x666 Gary Brooks, President, bought Good Life Travel in 1986, looking for a sunny location in the READ MORE

Albee Adventures

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Albee Adventures 231 W 29th St New York, US Tel.: (212) 695-1400 / Fax: (212) 695-8144 Welcome to the Albee Adventures Website! Our company is one of the finest tour operators for Central Amer READ MORE

Sunline Travel

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Sunline Travel Inc, 501 Fifth Ave, Suite # 815 New York, NY, 10017. Ph: 212 599 7246 212 599 7245 1 800 548 7099. For immediate fare quotes email us at "info@sunlinetravels.c READ MORE

Optima Travel

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Optima Travel Inc. 110 West 34 Street Manhattan, NY 11373 Phone: (212) 594-8432 Fax: (212) 594-5376 Optimatvl@yahoo.com Optimatvl@gmail.com About Us Optima Travel Inc. Located in READ MORE
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